4th Quarter, FY2011-2012 (The Turning Point Center of Chittenden County)

How are we doing?

All successful Organizations understand that data collection is essential to survival for it provides a means to evaluate performance, improve and expand services and, in simple terms, determine what works. It allows management to take a performance snap shot at any given time and change tactics when necessary.

Turning Point stands at the forefront of Addiction Recovery Community Organizations and is recognized locally, regionally and nationally as a leader in the provision of services to individuals seeking both initial and sustained recovery. Recently, the board of directors and staff adopted a new strategic plan that emphasizes the adoption of standardized processes with data collection and evaluation being one of the key elements. Turning Point will be working towards the new national accreditation for Recovery Community Organizations and hopefully will be selected as an alpha site for this region.

Data Collection Summary

  • Open 92 hours per week
  • 4,000 visitors per month
  • 5 paid staff
  • 121 volunteers
  • 145 volunteer hours per week, 580 per month, 1740 per quarter
  • 19 AA meetings per week
  • 1 NA meetings per week
  • 97 Recovery meetings per month

Participant Evaluation Summary

  • 26 Participant Evaluation Surveys collected this quarter (n=26)
  • 50% of participants surveyed report “the recovery center has helped me FIND my recovery (stop using alcohol or illicit/non-prescribed drugs)”
  • 88% of participants surveyed report “coming to the recovery center has helped me MAINTAIN my recovery (remain substance free)”
  • 81% of participants surveyed report “participating in recovery center activities has ENHANCED my recovery experience.”
  • 31% of participants surveyed report “Have found housing since coming to the center.”
  • 19% of participants surveyed report “Have found work since coming to the center.”
  • 19% of participants surveyed report “Had new incidents or criminal involvement since getting involved with recovery center.”
  • 73% of participants surveyed have participated in a substance abuse treatment program (residential or outpatient) in the past.
  • 42% of participants surveyed report “my recovery is currently assisted by medication”. 27% report using antidepressent medication. 4% report using antipsychotic medication. 8% report using methadone/buphrenorphine, 12% report using pain medication. 4% report using Naltraxone. 4% report using Acomprasate. 0% report using Antabuse.
  • Participants have been in recovery (not using alcohol or drugs) for an average of 0.62 years.
  • Participants have been coming to the recovery center for an average of 0.73 years.
  • Average age of participants who identified their age: 39
  • Gender of survey respondents: 77% Male, 23% Female