Alcohol and drug addiction recovery programs

About Addiction Recovery Coaching

Speaking one on one with another person can be a huge help while planning your next steps through recovery.  Our coaches are here to help you make the best choices, develop an effective plan, and share experiences that will help guide you to be stronger and healthier.  —read more

Addiction Recovery Programs at Turning Point Center

Our services and programs are all designed to help those recovering from addiction to keep moving forward, as well as support affected family or loved ones.   Our programs range from providing meeting space for support groups, to physical exercise, training, and parental guidance programs.  Our weekly program schedule lists the topics, location, and time(s) of classes and meetings.

12-Step Recovery Programs at Turning Point Center

Twelve Step programs meet weekly at the Turning Point Center, and include Alchoholics Anonymous (AA), Cocaine Anonymous (CA), Marijuana Anonymous (MA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA),  Overeaters Anonymous (OA), and Co-Dependants Anonymous (CODA).  See our 12-Step Meeting Weekly Schedule.

Acudetox Treatment

Reduce stress, cravings and get relaxed through Acupuncture Detoxification.

Employment Training Program

Get back on your feet with this 12 week employment skills training workshop.