John “Lucky” Gower, TPCCC Employment Consultant

John “Lucky” Gower, CRC

Employment Consultant

Lucky’s internship with us several years ago, as part of his Certification of Substance Abuse Treatment and Services, led to us keeping him! He has experience as an Employment Consultant through VABIR (VocRehab) but he’s also worked as a residential counselor for both Maple Leaf Treatment Center and the Howard Center. He shares this passion with his son, who is a residential counselor in Burlington as well.

Besides just being a gem, Lucky is in long-term recovery. He loves every aspect of helping people in early recovery find work and stay sober. After a brief retirement, (who doesn’t change their mind sometimes?) Lucky was brought on as an Employment Consultant. We share him with the Chittenden Clinic and his busy Pickleball schedule.