Addiction Recovery Coaching

Recovery coaching at the Chittenden County Turning Point Center

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Let us partner with you in the addiction recovery process.

If your life is unmanageable then you need a manager” ~ Danny S. – 1981 New Haven, NA

What Does A Recovery Coach do?

A recovery coach is a partner in recovery that helps you to build a healthy life. They are often peers in the recovery process and have valuable experiences from their own paths to recovery that let them relate to you and help you work out your own path.

Recovery coaches ask and will help you to decide:

  • What you want in life
  • What obstacles lie in the way of your goals
  • How to change problems into goals

Recovery is a personal commitment to taking steps to correct the harm that addiction has caused the mind, body and spirit. Losing sight of goals and disruptions in personal growth can lead to falling back into old patterns and risk relapse.

Recovery Coaches:

  • are trained to encourage personal growth through setting goals that promote a strong recovery.
  • use a self-directed process to help you break down and achieve your goals in recovery.
  • are here to help you on your journey of personal growth.
  • can work in unison with other recovery programs and services. It is different from a counselor or a sponsor.
  • use a future-focuses, self-directed process in an effort to help you avoid relapse.
  • help you to achieve goals that may have been interrupted by substance use, support positive changes you are making through encouragement and a focus on your accomplishments.
  • will help you to improve your life today by taking action now. Only you are in control of your recovery!

Recovery Coaches work with you to:

  • create a healthy vision for recovery, while supporting all paths to recovery- whatever yours may be
  • help make decisions about how to improve your life
  • help you stop or reduce drinking and using to limit the harms they may cause
  • create a Recovery Wellness Plan to help with the progress of your recovery
  • explore and connect with recovery and human resources (including treatment programs, recovery centers, mutual support groups and more)

Recovery coaches meet you where you are, whether you are drinking or using, you’re already in recovery, of if you’re simply concerned about someone else’s substance abuse.

All you need is a commitment to recovery. Recovery coaches always keep all conversations confidential.

Recovery Coaching Supervisor
Ken Johnson –