Family Support

Are you an adult who is struggling with the addiction of a child, partner, spouse or other family member? Are you feeling that you are having a hard time holding things together? Or, that you don’t have anyone to talk to who would understand? – as your situation grows more difficult with the burden you may be shouldering alone or together with others who may themselves not be fully aligned with you. Maybe you are feeling isolated and ever less hopeful that things can ever be “normal” again.

You need to know that you are not alone. And that there is hope!

FCA (Families Coping with Addiction) is a group of folks very much like you who are in various stages of dealing with this crisis in our own lives. Some of us are new at it and some of us have been doing it for awhile. We meet every Weds evening as a peer support group of concerned, empathetic, and similarly affected adults who are in the process of learning and sharing with each other the valuable lessons learned through our individual experience. Learning, for example, about resources, detachment, self-care, codependence, ourselves, and generally what may be useful and what may not in our own particular circumstance.

We understand that there is no magic solution, that each person’s life situation is unique, and that what works for one may not for another. And yet, at the same time we know that there are logical and rational things we can do to help ourselves and our families, when once we develop enough stability and perspective to again be able to employ rational thought. All of us have found solace in the group, as that rare place where we can be open and be understood without stigma as we figure out how to move constructively through the wild world of addictive trauma and drama that (at times) threatens to destroy our families and ourselves.

Please feel free to join us any Wednesday from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in the back room at the Turning Point Center. You are always welcome!