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Grant funds allow us to expand our Outreach Recovery Work

March 9, 2023

The Turning Point Center of Chittenden County (TPCCC) has been awarded $50,000 per year for three years to expand its Outreach Recovery Coaching program, which helps people in the community struggling with opioid addiction and other substance use. “The need is great,” said Cam Lauf, the center’s executive director. “With this new funding, we will […]

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Stigma & Misconceptions Regarding Alcoholism

January 17, 2023

A lot of stigma and misconception is associated with alcoholism, also known as alcohol use disorder. People in the clutches of alcoholism are often incorrectly viewed as incompetent, lazy, or immoral. Because so many people underestimate the grasp alcoholism can have over one’s life, they often assume that alcoholism is simply a result of poor […]

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Breaking Up with Alcohol

December 13, 2022

By the time I quit drinking, I was pretty much married to alcohol. A professional woman in my early 50’s with a master’s degree and a decent job, I was slowly, steadily losing my grip. I don’t remember how I went from occasional drinking to obsession with drinking, but I do remember night after night […]

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5 Tips for Staying Sober through the Holidays

December 5, 2022

Getting through the holidays can be difficult for anyone new to sobriety.  Here are five tips on how to get through the holidays without using.    1.  Avoid triggers:  Turn off the news, including electronic devices, and do your best to stay out of any family drama for five extra minutes per day. Just reminding yourself that these can […]

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Mishka’s Story

November 16, 2022

Mishka is a peer Recovery Coach who works in the Emergency Department at the UVM Medical Center. Her work there involves connecting with patients who are experiencing substance use emergencies. She offers them compassionate, peer-to-peer support and follow-up services. In this video, Mishka tells the story of a woman who would not talk with the […]

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On being a donor

November 4, 2022

By Craig Weatherly, TPCCC Board Member We all respond to pain and pleasure. We choose to do things that bring us pleasure. As human beings, we like to feel good, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Consider the times you donate money to causes and organizations that are important to you. You don’t resent doing […]

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